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What does haloo Tourist PREPAID SIM include

When you activate haloo Tourist PREPAID SIM, you automatically get:

  • 20 GB of Internet usage
  • 100 minutes towards all B&H networks
  • 100 text messages towards all B&H networks
  • 1 BAM on your main account

Checking the balance of your main and haloo Tourist PREPAID SIM accounts

To check your main account balance, enter *101# and press the call button.

To check your Tourist PREPAID SIM balance, type *100*2*2# and press the call button.

You can also manage your haloo account through haloo menu

By calling *100# you can check your main account balance, Tourist PREPAID SIM balance, and you can also activate haloo options for mobile Internet.

Duration of haloo Tourist PREPAID SIM

The haloo Tourist PREPAID package is valid for 15 days after activation. The package will be renewed automatically if your account balance is sufficient (20 BAM) at the time of expiry, otherwise it will be deactivated. You can manually renew the haloo Tourist package at any time by dialing *100*2#

haloo options for mobile Internet

If you don’t wish to extend the haloo Tourist PREPAID SIM or if you use all your Internet data before the expiry of haloo Tourist PREPAID SIM, you can activate one haloo options for mobile Internet. To activate the options, it is necessary to have enough credit for activation on your main account.





Activation and balance check

haloo Daily

1 GB

1 day

1,00 BAM


haloo Daily+

21 GB

1 day

2,00 BAM


haloo Weekly

1 GB

7 days

3,00 BAM


haloo Weekly+

10 GB

7 days

6,00 BAM


haloo Monthly

2 GB

30 days

8,00 BAM


haloo Monthly+

10 GB

30 days

15,00 BAM


Using mobile Internet

In order to access mobile Internet, mobile data on your mobile device need to be turned on. If you cannot connect to the Internet, restart your mobile device. If you still cannot connect, check the access point name (APN) in the mobile device settings, and if necessary type it in.

Access point (APN): web.haloo.ba

haloo price list



within haloo network


Charge for outgoing calls within haloo network


Calls to other mobile networks in B&H


Calls to landlines in B&H


Zone 1a - Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey - landlines


Zone 1b - Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey - mobiles


Zone 2 – other European countries + USA, Canada, Australia


Zone 3 – Countries outside Europe




within Bosnia & Herzegovina




All prices are listed in BAM, inclusive of VAT. All calls are charged per unit and one unit is 60 seconds. Mobile Internet is charged in 10 kB units. 

Recharging your main account

You can recharge your main account at any better store in all cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Recharge worth

Extension period


4 days

2 BAM - 3 BAM

10 days

4 BAM - 9 BAM

25 days

10 BAM - 20 BAM

90 days

21 BAM - 39 BAM

120 days

40 BAM - 50 BAM

150 days

Uslovi korištenja haloo TOURIST PREPAID SIM.